Monday, April 18, 2016

Show the advantages and Disadvantages of Modular Programming

Advantages of Modular Programming : 

  • It is easier and less costly to change features, add features or correct errors after deployment.
  • It is easier to write and debug the program.
  • It is easier to manage since more difficult modules can be skilled programmers and easy modules to junior programmers.
  • One can divide a large, complex problem into each of manageable complexity.
  • The modular concept fits in well with top-down design.
  • Formal modular interface definition may be a especially helpful in "organization" a bottom-up, or a two-stage design, first bottom-up, and then top-down.

Disadvantages of Modular Programming : 

  • Because there are few formal design techniques, it is difficult to learn, although the principles are clear.
  • Modular programming requires more design effort and care.
  • Many programmers are reluctant to try new modules can be given to more things, including modular design.
  • Modular programming may require slightly a number of modules more memory space and run time.
  • To avoid slow processing, in some operating systems one may have to ensure that modules that call each other frequently are in the same machine page.  

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